Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua

Founding and Managing Partner

Speaker at:

(limited to 2019-2020-2021)



  1. “Challenges in the Reimagined World of Work”, XBHR, Annual Conference, March 4-5, 2021:
  2. New challenges for international movement of Labour”, International Bar Association, November 18, 2020:
  3. Cross-Border Workplace Investigations”, American Bar Association, November 11-13, 2020:
  4. Webinar/Roundtable” Global Forum for Cross-Border Human Resource Experts (“XBHR”), April 29, 2020:
  1. COVID-19 Employment Issues”, Innangard Podcast, March 25, 2020:
  2. Global Mobility and Immigration: Critical Issues for Companies with Cross-Border Employees”, The Global Forum for Cross Border Human Resources Experts (“XBHR”), March 4-6, 2020:
  3. Labour and the new political movement in the region”, Latin Lawyer Live 6th Annual Labour & Employment, Miami, USA, October 9, 2019:
  4. Moderator at “The Big Picture in Argentina and South America”, International Labour and Employment Law Committee, Midwinter Meeting, American Bar Association, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 5-9, 2019:
  5. C- Suite and Glass ceiling”, International Labour and Employment Committee, American Bar Association, Section of Labour and Employment, Buenos Aires, Argentina,  ABA de Buenos Aires. May 5-9, 2019:
  6. Responsibilities and liabilities of directors and senior executives for corporate offences in cross-border structures”, Annual Employment and Diversity Law Conference, International Bar Association, Paris, France, April 2-5 2019:
  7. “Shifting Trends in the World of Work: Observations and Strategies for Managing Change”, Annual Conference, XBHR Forum, Barcelona, Spain, March 6-8, 2019:
  8. Here, There and Everywhere: A Globetrotting Update of Developments in Employment and Labor Law”,Employment Rights & Responsibilities Committee, Midwinter Meeting, American Bar Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 19-23, 2019:
  1. Around the Globe in 60 minutes”, ERR Midwinter Meeting, American Bar Association, Las Vegas, USA, March, 2019: https://www.americanbar.or