Corporative Practice



The main services our firm provides to our clients consist in:

• Legal advice concerning the compliance of legal and/or administrative rules and proceedings in order to set-up local and foreign companies with the competent Public Registry (“RP”).
• Legal advice related to the day to day operations of our clients, including those issues related to the legal representation of the company (such as power of attorney structures, administration of leaves of absence, among others).
• Preparation of all kind of corporate documents (by-laws, operating agreements, corporate minutes, and shareholders’ agreements, among others).
• Implementation of warning systems providing alerts to our clients tending to assure and speed-up the compliance of all corporate regulations set forth the PRs and applicable regulations.
• Recognize the compliance status related to the corporate regulations in-force, providing the corresponding writing evaluation through a report which will include the findings - highlighting the key findings-, as well as regularization plan applicable to the each specific case.
• Legal assistance in order to comply with the legal and administrative rules with the competent PR related to local companies (e.g., filing of financial statements and appointment of the members of the board of directors) and foreign companies (e.g., the compliance with the annual informative regime and the registration of legal representatives).
• Legal assistance in all kind of transactions and reorganization process including, but not limited to, transformations, mergers and acquisitions, spinoffs, as well as dissolution and winding up proceedings, among other alternatives. Drafting all necessary documents adopting such resolutions and providing assistance during the registration proceedings with the PR, when applicable.
• Active involvement in legal audit procedures (due diligence) with the aim of acquiring companies.
• Legal advice and assistance through the whole process to acquire and sell companies and to enter into joint venture agreements. Drafting and negotiation of memorandum of understanding, stock/share purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements, among other related documents.
• Advisory services related to highly complex corporate disputes.
• Planning and drafting of all organizational documents and internal regulations for local and foreign non-profit associations and foundations needed for their incorporation and/or registration with the competent PR.
• Drafting of documents and agreements related to business cooperation agreements, temporary unions of companies, among others, assisting the client with their registration with the PR, when applicable.
• Drafting and negotiation of all kind of agreements and adapting them to the needs of clients, as well as to laws and regulations in force.